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ECNL Mar 06, 2018

Girls ECNL 2018 Texas PDP Event Rosters and Schedule

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The rosters and schedules are set for the Elite Clubs National League Player Development Program (PDP) Texas event, to be held on March 9-11, 2018. These event will take place in Dallas, TX. [SCHEDULE]

The PDP Texas event will be held at SMU, with some of the best players from the following ECNL member clubs in the Texas conference: Albion Hurricanes, Challenge SC, Classics Elite, D’Feeters, Dallas Texans, FC Dallas, Solar SC, Sting Austin, Sting Dallas, and TSC Hurricane.  For a full roster of the participating players, including team assignments and schedule for this event, click here.

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 Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
20 Peyton Whipple GK D’Feeters SC
60 Ryan Brotermarkle D Challenge SC
61 Mia Wright D TSC Hurricane
62 Sarah Hornyak M Dallas Texans
63 Carissa Boeckmann M Classics Elite
64 Emma Riley M Sting Dallas
65 Kelly Van Gundy M Solar SC
66 Alycia Buenaventura M Sting Austin
67 Bibi Mata M Sting Dallas
68 Alexia Murillo M Classics Elite
69 Malie Hayes F Challenge SC
70 Hadley Murrell F FC Dallas
71 Leah Klenke F Albion Hurricane
72 Ella Weathersby F D’Feeters SC
73 Celeste Beltran D Dallas Texans

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
21 Avery Bass GK TSC Hurricane
74 Logan Heausler D Albion Hurricane
75 Lorelai Stramrood D Challenge SC
76 Halee Griffin M Sting Austin
77 Sophie Simmons M TSC Hurricane
78 MacKenzie Davis M FC Dallas
79 Sam Courtwright M D’Feeters SC
80 Alexandra Weinmeister M Solar SC
81 Kennedy Clountz M Sting Dallas
82 Addyson Welch F D’Feeters SC
83 Ashleigh Williams F Sting Dallas
84 Taylor Tommack F Classics Elite
85 Meleni Lerenzo F Dallas Texans
86 Carlyn Presley F Sting Austin
87 Kalea Willis D Dallas Texans


Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
23 Maddy Anderson GK Challenge SC
88 Ellie Brauner D Sting Austin
89 Presli Pearson D TSC Hurricane
90 Kameron Kloza D Classics Elite
91 Lily Powell D FC Dallas
92 Briley Weatherford D Sting Dallas
93 Emma Hawkins M Solar SC
94 Shyann McClary M TSC Hurricane
95 Xay Balderas M D’Feeters SC
96 Avery Barron M Challenge SC
97 Kelsey Hranicky M Albion Hurricane
98 Alina Khan F Challenge SC
99 Kyler Goins F TSC Hurricane
100 Adriana Hutson F Classics Elite
101 Madison Drenowatz F Solar SC

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
24 Divya Inagnati GK D’Feeters SC
25 Lauren Kellett GK Sting Dallas
102 Payton Doiron D Challenge SC
103 Ashton Gordon D TSC Hurricane
104 Addison Martin D Dallas Texans
105 Haylee Spray D Solar SC
106 Kenzie Applegate M TSC Hurricane
107 Ashley Herman M Sting Austin
108 Raquel Houston M D’Feeters SC
109 Grace Dennis M Sting Dallas
110 Taylor Pounds M Challenge SC
112 Marissa Arias F Classics Elite
113 Lauren Geczik F Albion Hurricane
114 Taylor James F Challenge SC
115 Ashley Johnson F D’Feeters SC
116 Jadyn Chee F TSC Hurricane


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