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Global Dec 31, 2012

FIFA president Sepp Blatter sharply criticizes MLS

FIFA president Sepp Blatter took a sharp jab at Major League Soccer (MLS) during a television interview this past weekend, saying it has yet to catch on as a legitimate professional league in the United States.

Blatter suggested that despite soccer being the biggest youth sport in the country, MLS has failed to generate much interest among mainstream American sports fans, despite plenty of time.

“It is a question of time, I thought  – we had the World Cup in 1994,” Blatter told Al Jazeera TV when asked about the state of the game’s development in the U.S. “But it is now 18 years in so it should have been done now. But they are still struggling.”

“There is no very strong professional league (in the U.S.),” Blatter said. “They have just the MLS but they have no professional leagues which are recognized by the American society.”

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