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ECNL May 28, 2012

ECNL – Zarephath (PDA) 2012 Coverage Central

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Keep up with all the action at the Elite Club National League’s final national showcase event of the 2011/12 regular season, where all things lead to Waukegan, Illinois for the third ECNL National Championship week in history.

This weekend, 110 teams in just three age groups (U15/16/17) match up at the immaculate Player Development Academy complex in cozy Zarephath, N.J. to battle it out for berths into the championship groups, avoid the relegation groups, or to fight for their overall club position and pride.

Our own Charles Boehm is on site for all the action, with Roger Gonzalez manning the website and twitter feeds. Stay tuned here for regular updates from the ground. But to see all our coverage, as well as a live Twitter feed from @TheECNL, bookmark our ECNL Home Page

Are you there too? Please use the comments section below or hashtag #ECNL to report goals, goal scorers or other interesting drama. Use the comment section below to carry on conversations with others as well, or simply to communicate with our editors.


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Day 3

7:00: It’s been a long day for our Charles Boehm at the showcase. There was some elite talent in New Jersey this weekend and some even better teams. I, Roger Gonzalez, leave you with these nuggets from the final day. Of course, be sure to check back with TSW with even more coverage of the competition throughout the night.


  • It was another hot day, muggy day in New Jersey. Players were constantly walking around with a water bottle in one hand, hoping to stay in perfect condition for the next game. The heat was a huge factor in games as many athletes were visibly exhausted.
  • Many matches were played on turf, and with the heat, it just makes it worse.  Teams that were able to win on turf had the top fitness and knew how to use their energy when it mattered most.
  • A lot of factors played into who won this weekend. Players had to be fit, physically, while being equally fit mentally. It was tough for fans and coaches. Imagine the heat.
  • There were some very lopsided matches over the three-day event, and well, you have to wonder to mental and physical fitness influenced the results.
  • One team that caught the eyes of coaches and fans was U17 Dallas Texans 95G Red (Tx) who earned a 6-1 victory today over Slammers FC of California. The winners were just so athletic, strong and made defenders run wild when having the ball.
  • One of the top teams in the nation, PDA ECNL Slammers (NJ), the host team, showed that it has a chance to win it all after winning all three games and posting a goal difference of plus six. Others teams that made noise were Connecticut FC United, who went 3-0 and finished first, Scorpians of Massachusetts and Eagles SC (Ca) who also won all three matches they played.
  • In U17 play, there might not have been a better squad to watch than FC Stars of Massachusetts. The team won two of three games and just looked amazing out on the pitch, with a 4-3-3 formation. The team is filled with very technical players and is well organized.
  • Other teams that caught the eyes of fans were Ohio Premier in U16 play and Real Colorado, who played out a 1-1 draw. The teams are filled with talent and a pure understanding of the game and were simply a joy to watch.

3:00: For those who didn’t see it, here is the Q&A with the head coach of the Northwestern University ladies!

12:00: Welcome everyone to Day 3’s coverage. Charles Boehm is again on site and you can expect a bunch of information from today’s final day. As always, stay up to date with results via Twitter!


6:00: Hello again readers. Roger Gonzalez here, providing an update on the elite action.

Here are some nuggets for you:

In ECNL U15 play, there are seven teams with at least 17 points after two games. Penn Fusion SA ’96 Girls (Pa) is in first with 20 points, with 10 goals scored and none conceded after two games. Council Rock United FC Bucks Fury (Pa) is right behind with 19 points and a 2-0 record, having scored five goals and allowing zero, while FC Stars of Massacushetts have 18 points, with sevens scored and two allowed. Four teams have 17 points and are in the thick of the battle entering tomorrow’s final day.

Here are the rest of the standings.

For tomorrow, Penn Fusion and Council Rock both have winnable matches. The former face the team in 20th place, East Meadow SC of New York, who fell 2-0 in its only game. There are no top of the table battles, but each team will surely not underestimate anyone.

To see the schedule, click here.

In ECNL U16 play, things are going to be interesting on Day 3. Connecticut FC United sits alone in first place with 18 points, while four teams are within two points.

The New England team appears to be in the driver’s seat as it will face Penn Fusion (Pa), the No. 40 team in the 43-squad competition, at 7:30 in the morning at Morningside field four.

As with U15 play, there are no real big-time battles with teams at the top of the standings, and with the majority of the games in the morning, some teams will know the scenarios that face them before games, while others will have an agonizing wait post-match to see where the end up the in the standings.

To see the list of matches, click here.

Finally, in U17 play, three teams have won both of their games.

WCFC ’94 (NY), Freestate Elite (Md) and East Meadow SC (NY) are all 2-0, with total points of 19, 18 and 17, respectively.

Each team will play a squad mid-table or below, and each team takes the field at a different time, which will certainly make things interesting, by either adding or reducing pressure for each team.

Here are the standings.

5:00: Here is the Q&A promised from earlier with the head coach of the Northwestern University ladies!

3:00: Lots of great action going on in Day 2. Be sure to stay tuned later for updates courtesy of Charles Boehm. In addition, two college soccer coaches from big time programs took time to speak to TSW about ECNL and recruiting, so check back later for the Q&A, where we touch on everything soccer!

1:00: Charles Boehm recaps Day 1 here. Many teams are still alive, others are playing their last game. Who has stepped up? Boehm has it all in this update.

11:00: Be sure to click here to see all of the score updates. Also, there are plenty of pictures up of the early action, which you can find here.

9:30: Good morning everyone! Welcome back to TSW’s live coverage of ECNL – Zarephath (PDA) 2012. Charles Boehm is on site again today in New Jersey, ready to, as always, bring you the top coverage around. Stick with us throughout the day for plenty of updates.


6:00: Thanks for joining TSW for Day 1 of the tournament. That is it from me, Roger Gonzalez, for the day, but it is not all you will get from the site! More updates are still to come throughout the evening and night courtesy of our talented writers. As always, stay tuned to our Twitter feed for even more information, and be sure to join me back here tomorrow for even more coverage!

5:00: A few thoughts from Charles Boehm, who is in New Jersey checking out the action:

Super humid conditions, with midday sunshine making it even hotter. One ref had to be taken away in ambulance with dehydration. So teams with fitness and ability to keep possession had the advantage. Still very intense level of play, lots of tight games. College coaches are everywhere, observing supreme talent with the hopes of finding a top star or hidden gem to add to future recruiting classes.

Some coaches were eager to catch teams outside their home regions.

On the weather front, citing recent heavy rains, tournament organizers are concerned about clouds in the area and the possibility of more rain overnight.

2:00: Some very important soccer figures have been spotted here in New Jersey today. Among them is former United States national team star and captain John Harkes, United States U17 women’s national team coach Albertin Montoya, former US women’s national team coach Greg Ryan and numerous NCAA Division I college coaches.

1:30: Charles Boehm has plenty of updates on the action so far. Be sure to click here to see! Also, there are plenty of pictures up of the early action, which you can find here.


11:00: Welcome ladies and gentleman to The Soccer Wire’s ECNL – Zarephath (PDA) 2012 Coverage. I’m Roger Gonzalez, and I will be providing updates from the tournament. Our very own Charles Boehm is on site in New Jersey and will be letting us know the latest events from this fantastic tournament! So, stick with us throughout the weekend!


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