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ECNL Feb 15, 2016

ECNL PDP Midwest schedule, rosters announced

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RICHMOND, VA (Via ECNL) –The rosters and schedule for the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) Player Development Program event to be held in Mt. Pleasant, MI on Feb. 21, 2016, have been announced.  The event will be held at Central Michigan University’s Indoor Athletic Complex (Turf Bay), with some of the best players from the following ECNL clubs in the Midwest: Indiana Fire, Internationals SC, Michigan Hawks, Ohio Elite SA, Ohio Premier, and Vardar.

  • For a full roster of the participating players, including team assignments and schedule for this event, click here.​

Player Development Programs (PDPs) are regionally-based identification and development programs within US Club Soccer’s id2 Program with three primary goals: (i) provide topplayers within specified elite leagues with an opportunity to be identified and evaluated for higher levels of play; (ii) provide a high quality developmental experience; and (iii) recognize and reward individual performance and achievement.  PDPs are operated in conjunction with elite leagues sanctioned by US Club Soccer.

The ECNL PDP in Midwest (East) will include a training session and an 11 vs. 11 game. Top players from each ECNL PDP, along with other players scouted in ECNL competition throughout the year, will be considered for invitations to the ECNL / id2 National Training Camp in August.

Players are selected for the ECNL PDPs based on their scouted performance in ECNL competitions, and by objective recommendations from ECNL Directors across the country.  ECNL will be hosting eleven ECNL PDP events across the country over the next three months, providing an opportunity for top players in every ECNL club. There are no costs for participation in ECNL PDPs. The ECNL covers all staffing, facility rental and equipment costs for the ECNL PDPs. The only responsibility for participating players will be the cost of travel and accommodation (when necessary).

To view the full schedule of 2016 ECNL PDP events, click here.

2016 ECNL PDP – MIDWEST (EAST)  |  FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
62 Bethany Kopel GK Michigan Hawks
1 Conner Huggins D Vardar
2 Alyssa Walker M Ohio Premier
3 Alyssa Baumbick M Internationals SC
4 Nikki Cox F Ohio Premier
5 Lauren Weimer D Ohio Elite
6 Jordan Brewster F Internationals
7 Grace Krygier M Michigan Hawks
8 Aubree Lewis M Ohio Premier
9 Kamryn Davis M Ohio Premier
10 Zoe Morse D Michigan Hawks
11 Christina Trickett M Internationals SC
12 Zoe Gaffney M Vardar
13 Lexxe Lipsey F Michigan Hawks
14 Sarah Mitchell D Michigan Hawks

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
15 Gabriala Jodzis M Vardar
16 Allison Klimkowski D Ohio Elite
17 Izzy Rodriguez M Michigan Hawks
18 Madison Wolfbauer F Michigan Hawks
19 Mikayla Hampton F Ohio Elite
20 Rachel Rasins F Vardar
21 Loren Sfecik M Internationals SC
22 Kimberly Ito M Internationals SC
23 Charlier Kern D Ohio Premier
24 Katie Soderstrom F Indiana Fire
25 Natalie Winter D Michigan Hawks
26 Abigail Zoeller M Ohio Elite
27 Blair Cowan M Ohio Premier

Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
28 Madison Burrier M Ohio Premier
29 Madi Moroi F Ohio Premier
30 Maria Kaschalk D Vardar
31 Kristina Lynch F Indiana Fire
32 Sydney Dawson M Internationals SC
33 Mya Fregoli M Vardar
34 Paige Knorr D Ohio Elite
35 Taylor Crowe M Indiana Fire
36 Diane Senkowski D Michigan Hawks
37 Emma Tokuyama F Michigan Hawks
38 Ravin Alexander F Ohio Elite
39 Ashley Zugay D Vardar
40 Natalie Viggiano M Michigan Hawks

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
63 Gabrielle Kouzelos GK Internationals SC
41 Ryanne Brown F Indiana Fire
42 Grace Bahr M Internationals SC
43 Lauren Rice F Indiana Fire
44 Brooke VanDyck M Indiana Fire
45 Remington Eades F Ohio Premier
46 Shannon Casey M Vardar
47 Sam Kleedtke D Michigan Hawks
48 Abby Steiner D Ohio Premier
49 Alivia Milesky M Ohio Premier
50 Sarah Clark D Michigan Hawks
51 Hope VanWagner M Indiana Fire

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