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ECNL Aug 16, 2023

ECNL Boys 2022-23 All-Conference Teams and Players of the Year honored

RICHMOND, Va. – The ECNL Boys announced the 2022-23 Conference Players of the Year and All-Conference First and Second Teams across the league’s 12 conferences.

“Recognition as one of the top players in an ECNL Conference is a true testament to sustained quality over the course of a highly competitive season,” said Jason Kutney, ECNL Boys Commissioner. “The standard within the league continues to reach new heights each year, demonstrating the work put forth by players and coaches alike. Congratulations to all players recognized and all the teammates who helped make that recognition possible.”

Honorees were selected by conference awards committees with technical representatives from every club in each of the ECNL Boys’ 12 conferences. The number of players selected was based upon the size of the respective conference.

Players that have been selected to their respective All-Conference First Team will also be eligible for selection to the ECNL Boys All-American teams, which will be announced later this month. All-Conference Players of the Year will also be eligible for selection for the ECNL Boys National Player of the Year.

Below is a listing of each Conference Player of the Year and the All-Conference First and Second Teams, by conference.

Florida Conference Players of the Year

U15: Sebastian Hincapie – Florida Premier

U16: Tomas Londono – Florida Premier

U17: Aidan Godinho – Florida Kraze

U18/19: Shayne-Michael Thompson – Supreme FC

To view the full Florida All-Conference teams, click here.

Heartland Conference Players of the Year

U15: Miguel Solano – Sporting Nebraska

U16: John Saladin – SLSG MO

U17: Luke Giesing – SLSG MO

U18/19: Sam Delong – KCSG

To view the full Heartland All-Conference teams, click here.

Mid-Atlantic Conference Players of the Year

U15: Sullivan Carter – Loudoun Soccer

U16: Ryan Andrews – Pipeline SC

U17: Dan Klink – Pipeline SC

U18/19: Drew Hansen – Charlotte SA

To view the full Mid-Atlantic All-Conference teams, click here.

Midwest Conference Players of the Year

U15: Diego Pedroza – Chicago Magic

U16: Danny Astorga – FC Wisconsin

U17: Alvaro Alanis – Eclipse Select SC

U18/19: Joe Highfield – Minnesota Thunder Academy

To view the full Midwest All-Conference teams, click here.

Mountain Conference Players of the Year

U15: Lalo Solis – Utah Avalanche

U16: Ivan Leon – La Roca FC

U17: Canon Downey – Utah Avalanche

U18/19: Parker DeGroot – La Roca FC

To view the full Mountain All-Conference teams, click here.

Northeast Conference Players of the Year

U15: Aiden Waterman – World Class FC

U16: Enbiya Bolur – World Class FC

U17: Jack Kryger – World Class FC

U18/19: Matt Lynch – Match Fit Academy

To view the full Northeast All-Conference teams, click here.

Northern Cal Conference Players of the Year

U15: Luke Ramans – MVLA

U16: Leo Avalos – Mustang SC

U17: Manuel Portillo – MVLA

U18/19: Gabriel Haggerty – Santa Clara Sporting

To view the full Northern Cal All-Conference teams, click here.

Northwest Conference Players of the Year

U15: Zach Hume – Crossfire Premier

U16: Dashiell Stein – Seattle United

U17: Alex Notzka – Seattle United

U18/19: Eric Howard – Crossfire Premier

To view the full Northwest All-Conference teams, click here.

Ohio Valley Conference Players of the Year

U15: Santiago Sanchez – Louisville City Academy

U16: Ryan Sullivan – Ohio Premier

U17: Brady McGlone – Ohio Premier

U18/19: Travis Smith – Louisville City Academy

To view the full Ohio Valley All-Conference teams, click here.

Southeast Conference Players of the Year

U15: Nate Blahnik – Concorde Fire Platinum

U16: Austin Chavarria – Concorde Fire Platinum

U17: Sam Jimenez – NTH-NASA

U18/19: Dzenan Cerimagic – Concorde Fire Platinum

To view the full Southeast All-Conference teams, click here.

Southwest Conference Players of the Year

U15: Renden Thomas – LAFC So Cal

U16: Titus Alviso – Legends FC

U17: Noe Morales – Legends FC

U18/19: Dylan Groeneveld – San Diego Surf

To view the full Southwest All-Conference teams, click here.

Texas Conference Players of the Year

U15: Rogelio Garcia – OK Energy

U16: Tobias Crear – Dallas Texans Academy

U17: Caleb Centeno – FC Dallas Red

U18/19: Hagen Waesch – Dallas Texans Academy

To view the full Texas All-Conference teams, click here.

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