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Tournaments Mar 17, 2013

Confidence in quality play and players draws coaches to Jefferson Cup

By Amber Dunlap  caught up with a few coaches from around the NCAA divisions to gain some perspective on what it is specifically that draws them to the Jefferson Cup.

For NCAA Division II Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA, it’s a chance to grow their squad’s geographic diversity. Currently, their team is composed of mainly Georgia-based players but they are looking to take on players from around the country over the next few years. Another element drawing assistant Tinna Gallagher to Richmond was the type of girls playing. Gallagher had little doubt that these girls would have no trouble stepping up to the collegiate level.  She went on to say that “all of them are capable of being really successful in college and that’s why they’re playing here.”

From Emory University’s perspective, an NCAA Division III school in Atlanta Georgia, they come to expect a high level of play at this tournament and know that the players they’re watching are absolutely committed to the game. Associate Coach Erica Moreland was here to scout out the talent and drew attention to the fact that the players are “already missing school to come here and play.” She went on to say that, “These guys have traveled all over the country and as a result have a level of comfort of the [college soccer] grind already.” Moreland has no doubt that the players at the Jefferson Cup are ready for that next level.

From the Division I perspective, the trend continues. Erica Marshall, Assistant Coach at Brown University, said that “work rate and work ethic” are two things that really stand out for them on these Jefferson Cup fields.

The coaches are drawn to the Jefferson Cup for the player’s experience and ability to step up to the next level. The players are drawn to the Jefferson Cup for the exposure to high quality coaches. It looks like both players and coaches are finding what they’re looking for this weekend.

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