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Youth Boys May 13, 2013

Cascadia youth weekend wrap: Washington participants in Regionals finalized

By Liviu Bird

With four more state champions determined on Sunday, the full complement of 19 Washington teams traveling to U.S. Youth Soccer Far West Regionals in Honolulu has been determined. Of those teams, 14 are tournament winners and five will be wild cards.

First, a list of the last four champions and two wild cards:

Girls under-15: PacNW ’97 Maroon
Girls under-16: Spokane Shadow ’96 A
Girls under-17: Eastside FC ’95 Red (winner), Spokane Shadow ’95 A
Girls under-18: Crossfire ’94 R. Reece (winner), Spokane Shadow ’94-Philp

Add those six teams to the already determined list of Regionals-bound Washington teams:

Girls under-12: Northwest Nationals ’00 Red
Girls under-13: Crossfire ’99 Tolstolutsky
Girls under-14: Washington Rush ’98 Nike (winner), Eastside FC ’98 Red

Boys under-12: Crossfire ’00 Black A (winner), Seattle United ’00 Copa
Boys under-13: Washington Premier ’99 Black
Boys under-14: Washington Premier ’98 Black
Boys under-15: Crossfire ’97 James
Boys under-16: Washington Premier ’96 Black (winner), Eastside FC ’96 Red
Boys under-17: Crossfire ’95 Collings
Boys under-18: Eastside FC ’94 Red

Regionals will take place at the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Complex in Honolulu, June 17 to 23.

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