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Bordeaux’s Pierrot Labat named lead consultant for Bethesda Boy’s Program

Bethesda, Md. – Bethesda Soccer Club has added Pierrot Labat as Lead Consultant for the Bethesda Boy’s Program. In his new role, Labat will continue to deliver player and coach technical sessions to Bethesda. Player exchanges at the Bordeaux FC Academy in Southwestern France and coach introductions to the Bordeaux Professional Club for youth soccer development will also be included.

Since 2010, Labat has delivered his ‘total soccer methodology’ to Youth Development and Senior Program players and coaches.

“Labat’s international soccer model with its precision and technique has allowed us to improve technically by over 75% in most teams,” stated Bethesda Coach Brett Colton. “We see these results as players train, develop and grow using the total model.”

Pierrot Labat is the former Technical Director of Bordeaux FC of France Ligue 1 and trainer to former players such as Bixente Lizarazu, Zinedine Zidane and Christophe Dugarry from the France World Cup Championship Team in 1998.

Labat embraced the basics of his methods at the training center for the Girondins de Bordeaux, with Ante Mladinic, a trainer and coach in the former Yugoslavia.

“Ante convinced me of the necessity to make technique and footwork with a ball the ‘basic soccer skills’ and not overlook anything that can have a positive influence on the player’s mind, his psychology, essential for his growth,” Labat stated.

These methods were implemented for many years at Ajax Amsterdam before being exported by Johan Cruyff at FC Barcelona and across European soccer clubs. Taking into account the evolution of high level soccer, Labat updated these methods through his experiences with several generations of players at Girondins of Bordeaux, from the soccer youngsters to the professional team.

The Four Action Rules of: Demonstration, Execution, Correction and Repetition have been at the center of the method. Labat receives many requests every year to assess trainers at the elite and professional levels.

“The club sessions have worked well for Bethesda, they continue to grow and expand on the methodology”, stated Labat, “We are working on the third phase of the method using the tools to develop premier world class players and coaches.”

Labat most recently worked with over 60 premier Bethesda players and coaches to deliver his precise methodology at the Deep Creek training venue.

“Labat assessed each player’s technique and precision and would give continuous feedback”, explained Bethesda Coach Matt Ney. “Pierrot is captivating as the master of technique and precision”, stated Ney, ”We have embraced these tools and found that other teams are just not as technical as us.“

Bethesda’s curriculum which was designed and implemented by the Director of Coaching, Jonathon Colton (USSF ‘A’ License) and Labat’s methodology complement each other.

“These new methods allow the player and the coach to reach the highest level,” stated Colton. “We are prepared for the future.”

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