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Girls May 28, 2012

2012 Virginian Girls Champions

It’s Day 3 of the 2012 Virginian. We hope you all have had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend watching some of the best soccer around.

It’s been a long tournament, one filled with fun, heat and the beautiful game. How did your team do? How much fun did you have at the tournament? Be sure to share your stories below in the comment section, because we want to know!

We hope that you have enjoyed our coverage of the cup, and we leave you with the list of the winners. Here are the boys that are today champions.

In the end, this was the day for teams to battle to the final second with the hopes of securing hardware. Who managed to do so, and who fell just short?

Here are the 2012 Virginian girls champs.

For the boys, click here.

U9 Girls Premier Gold

BRYC 02 ELITE (Va) 2-0 LMVSC Patriots Red 02 (Va)

U9 Girls Premier Silver East

FASA IMPACT ELITE ’02 (Va) 2-0 WBSC Strikers 02G Blue (Va)

U9 Girls Premier Silver West


* SYC Force won in PKs

U9 Girls Premier Bronze

SYA CARDINALS U9 BLACK (Va) 2-1 BRYC 02 Elite Black (Va)

U10 Girls Premier Gold

BRYC ELITE 2001 (Va) 2-1 MSC Academy ’01 White (Md)

U10 Girls Premier Silver East


U10 Girls Premier Silver West

CSC COUGARS (Va) 3-0 SYC United White (Va)

U10 Girls Premier Bronze

ALEXANDRIA PRIDE WHITE (Va) 6-0 Loudoun 01 Girls Dynamite (Va)

U11 Girls Premier Gold (8v8)


U11 Girls Premier Silver East (8v8)

GSC PREMIER RED 00 (Va) 2-1 BWSC 01 Girls Elite (Tn)

U11 Girls Premier Silver West (8v8)

PREMIER AC PRIDE (Va) 4-2 SASA Revolution ’00 Blue (Va)

U11 Girls Premier Bronze East (8v8)

BETHESDA ACADEMY ’00 WHITE (Md) 1-0 BRYC 00 Elite White (Va)

U11 Girls Premier Bronze West (8v8)

WBSC STRIKERS 00G WHITE (Va) 1-0 LOUD 00 Girls Silver (Va)

U12 Girls Premier Gold (11v11)

FC VIRGINIA 99 (Va) 4-1 VYS Patriots Black (Va)

U12 Girls Premier Silver (11v11)

PWSI ’99 COURAGE WHITE (Va) 1-0 Steel Town Magic 00 (Pa) in OT

U12 Girls Premier Gold (8v8)

NVSC JR. MAJESTICS 99 (Va) 3-0 HERN Calypso (Va)

U12 Girls Premier Silver (8v8)

EVEREST S.C (Oh) 4-1 FASA Impact Premiere ’99 (Va)

U12 Girls Premier Bronze (8v8)

VYS PATRIOTS WHITE (Va) 2-1 Reston Magic ’99 (Va)

U13 Girls Virginian Cup

VIENNA YOUTH SOCCER (Va) 3-2 Alliance SC Red Venom (Md)

U13 Girls Premier Gold

PWSI COURAGE 98G WHITE (Va) 2-1 AFFC Impact (Pa)

U13 Girls Premier Silver


U13 Girls Premier Bronze

RESTON ELITE 98 (Va) 1-0 HSC Chaos (De)

U14 Girls Premier Gold

LOUD 97G RED (Va) 2-0 Crush Blue (Va)

U14 Girls Premier Silver East

FASA IMPACT ELITE 97 (Va) 2-1 SYA Cardinals ’97 White (Va)

U14 Girls Premier Silver West

LOUDOUN 97G BLACK (Va) 1-0 VYS Strikers Black (Va)

*Loudoun won in PKs

U14 Girls Premier Bronze East

MID-STATE MAYHEM – WHITE (WV) 1-0 SYC Pride Panthers (Va)

U14 Girls Premier Bronze West

SSA WHIRLWIND (Md) 3-1 Waldorf Wingsv(Md)

U15 Girls Premier Gold

STARS UNITED U15 GIRLS (Pa) 1-0 Everest S.C., (Oh)

*Stars won in PKs

U15 Girls Premier Silver

REST REAL FORCE (Va) 3-0 ASC Radical (Va)

U15 Girls Premier Bronze

CULPEPER COMETS U15 GIRLS (Va) 5-0 NVSC 96 Majestics Blue (Va)

U16 Girls Virginian Cup

WVUSC SHOX (WV) 1-0 Alliance SC Legacy 95 (MD)

U16 Girls Premier Silver

NVSC JR MAJESTICS 95 BLUE (Va) 2-0 Chantilly Fuego (Va)

U17-19 Girls College Showcase Gold

NVSC JR. MAJESTICS 94 (Va) 3-1 Vista Fury (Va)

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