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Boys May 28, 2012

2012 Virginian Boys Champions

It’s Day 3 of the 2012 Virginian. We hope you all have had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend watching some of the best soccer around.

It’s been a long tournament, one filled with fun, heat and the beautiful game. How did your team do? How much fun did you have at the tournament? Be sure to share your stories below in the comment section, because we want to know!

We hope that you have enjoyed our coverage of the cup, and we leave you with the list of the winners. Here are the boys that are today champions.

In the end, this was the day for teams to battle to the final second with the hopes of securing hardware. Who managed to do so, and who fell just short?

Here are the 2012 Virginian champs.

For the girls, click here. 

U9 Boys Premier Gold

ASC LEGENDS GOLD 02 ACADEMY (Va) 2 -1 BRYC 02 Elite (Va)

U9 Boys Premier Silver East

BARCA FC 02 ELITE (Va) 3-2 ARL Barca Blue (Va)

U9 Boys Premier Silver West

GFSC 02 GUNNERS BLUE (Va) 2-1 MCLN MPS 02 Galaxy White (Va)

U9 Boys Premier Bronze

ARL BARCA BLACK (Va) 1-0 VYS Spartans White (Va)

U10 Boys Premier Gold

ASC LEGENDS 01 GOLD ACADEMY (Va) 3-2 MCLN MPS Rangers Green (Va)

U10 Boys Premier Silver East

CYA-CESENA 01 (Va) 3-1 LMVSC ’01 Patriots Red (Va)

U10 Boys Premier Silver West

WSC INTERNATIONALS (D.C.) 3-1 Cugini Inter 01 (Va.)

U10 Boys Premier Bronze

WBSC STRIKERS 01B BLUE (Va) 5-0 SYC United Silver (Va)

U11 Boys Premier Gold (8v8)

NVSC JR. ROYALS 00 (Va) 1-0 GSC Premier Red 00 (Va)

U11 Boys Premier Silver (8v8)

FC FREDERICK ACAD. 00 BLUE (Md) 4-0 ARL United Blue (Va)

U11 Boys Premier Bronze East (8v8)

SYC LIONS SILVER (Va) 5-1 MCLN MPS 00 Hotspur Gold (Va)

U11 Boys Premier Bronze West (8v8)

VYS RAPTORS BLACK (Va) 1-0 NVSC JR Royals 00 Blue (Va)

U12 Boys Premier Gold (11v11)

LMVSC PATRIOTS 99 RED (Va) 2-1 SYA Cardinals 99 Red (Va)

U12 Boys Premier Bronze (11v11)

CALVERT RED BULLS (Md) 2-1 SYC Cyclones White (Va)

*Calvert won in Pks

U12 Boys Premier Gold (8v8)

CYA CESENA 99 (Va) 6-1 CYA-Cesena 99 Purple (Va)

U12 Boys Premier Bronze (8v8)

MCLEAN FIRE WHITE 99 (Va) 4-1 Waldorf Storm (Md)

U13 Boys Virginian Cup

LMVS PATRIOTS RED (Va) 4-1 FASA Hotspur 98 Elite (Va)

U13 Boys Premier Silver

SYC STRIKERS GOLD (Va) 3-1 CHAN Thunder (Va)

U14 Boys Premier Gold

SYA CARDINALS 97 RED (Va) 3-0 NVSC Jr. Royals 97 (Va)

U14 Boys Premier Silver

SYC UNITED (Va) 3-2 Seneca SA Venom (Md) in OT

U14 Boys Premier Bronze

VISTA ROYALS (Va) 1-0 STER FC White 97 (Va)

U15 Boys Virginian Cup

SYC Surge 96 White, VA 1-0 Team America 96 (Va)

* SYC Surge won in PKs

U15 Boys Premier Silver

TUSA 96B WHITE (NC) 4-3 SYA Ajax Silver (Va) in OT

U15 Boys Premier Bronze

FREESTATE STRIKERS 96 (MD) 4-3 MCLN 96 Fire White (Va)

U16 Boys Premier Gold

FASA Elite (Va) 2-2 Ashburn Extreme (Va)

*FASA won in PKs

U16 Boys Premier Bronze

FASA PREMIERE WHITE (Va) 2-1 NVSC Jr. Royals 95 Gold (Va)

U17-19 Boys College Showcase Gold

CENTURY UNITED 92/93 (PA) 7-0 NVSC Jr. Royals 95 (Va)

U17-19 Boys College Showcase Silver

TAKOMA CELTICS (MD) 3-0 Culpeper Comets (Va)

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