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Club Directory Submissions

Club Directory Submission Page

Use this form to submit clubs to the Club Directory.

BASIC Listing for LIFE
FREE. Includes:

  1. Logo
  2. Location (City, State)
  3. Website
  4. Youth/Adult Offered
  5. Association Memberships / Affiliation

FEATURED Annual Listing
FREE for Premier Club Partners, or;
$250. Includes:

  1. Appears above all non-Featured events in Directory Search Pages
  2. Welcome Tweet and Facebook Post on SoccerWire social brands
  3. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Links
  4. Elite League Memberships Listed, Linkable, and Searchable
  5. Club can appear Featured on League and Tournament pages*
  6. Related News Feed**
  7. Players and Leagues Enabled***
  8. Up to 4 FAQs
  9. WiKi Style “About” Content
  10. Call-to-Action Lead Capture Pop-up****

* If you confirm with us, your club will appear on the listing pages for leagues and tournaments also in our Directory
** Any recent news on related to your club will appear on your page
*** Players on and who tell us they play for your club  will show up on your page. If leagues you play in list themselves, they will also show up on your page.
After 10 seconds of viewing your page, we’ll present the reader with a pop up asking them if they’d like you to contact them with more information, and we’ll instantly email you their request.



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