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Email Newsletters

Potomac Soccer Wire, Tri-State Soccer Wire, and the Soccer Tournament Wire are sent over 125,000 times every week to “travel soccer team decision makers” across the USA who are looking for a quick synopsis of headlines and happenings related to youth soccer scene they care about most – their own.

In our regionally focused Potomac and Tri-State editions, youth soccer coaches, team managers, parents, players, and administrators get something in their in-box every Tuesday and Friday that they can quickly scan to see if there’s something of interest. If they see something, it’s easy to scroll down for more info on news, notes, and even tell us they enjoy reading the advertising! We have upcoming “Soccer on TV” listings in every issue as well!

Potomac is focused on Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia

Some Recent Editions of PSW: 11/20/2015  |  11/06/2015  |  06/05/2015

Tri-State is focused on Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York

Some Recent Editions of TSW: 11/17/2015  |  10/16/2015  |  04/17/2015

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The Soccer Tournament Wire focuses more on a directory of events with open applications, but also includes news and articles from the past week specifically related to tournaments.

Soccer Tournament Wire is focused nationally

Some Recent Editions of STW: 11/19/2015  |  11/05/2015  |  10/22/2015

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