The website and our two popular bi-weekly email newsletters covering the local soccer scenes in the “Potomac” (DC, MD, VA) and “Tri-State” (CT, NJ, NY) regions offer a direct way to reach a high percentage of youth soccer coaches, administrators, and parents involved with “travel” or “select” leagues, clubs, teams, and showcase tournaments.

We offer advertising in the form of graphic banners and text classified ads this website, as well as three levels of classified ads in each issue of our email newsletters.

Our website delivers nearly two million page views per year and we have nearly 30,000 subscribers to our email newsletters. We offer À la carte options for specific advertising on our website and in our newsletters for those seeking to target only one of those options with their ad campaigns, but most advertisers find that our packaged options combining both the website and one or more email newsletters suit their needs best.



Color Ad Banners on are offered in three sizes, strategically placed in five zones of the website layout. Banners are sold by the “impression” of between 15,000 and 30,000 per month available. Each banner order can be tailored to deliver only to people viewing from specific states for a premium. An “Impression” is an industry standard term for “display”, meaning the number of times your banner will actually be displayed to readers of our website when they load a page.

The image to the left shows the primary ad banner locations where we can have your show up. Not shown is a typical news article, where you banner can also be displayed within the text of each.




Both of our email newsletters are sent each Tuesday and Friday to loyal subscriber bases made up primarily of youth soccer coaches, administrators, parents and players.

Potomac Soccer Wire (“PSW”) focuses on news and information with direct ties to the sport within the District of Columbia, the state of Maryland, and commonwealth of Virginia. Over 22,000 subscribers receive each issue, which has been published since December 2006.

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Tri-State Soccer Wire (“TSW”) focuses on news and information with direct ties to the sport within the states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Launched only in June 2014, the newsletter already has over 6,000 subscribers, and is growing quickly.

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Both editions offer three types of text-only advertising:

Issue Sponsors: Only one available per issue, a headline and clickable tagline appear at the top of each issue, above our main news headlines. Your full 60-word ad and headline also appears in a special “Issue Sponsor” section, and then again within the general area with all other newsletter ads just to be sure our readers get every opportunity to read about your offerings.

Featured 60-Word Ads: Your headline will appear in the top section of each issue promoting all of our Sponsors and Featured advertisers, organized by category. Your full 60-word text ad and headline then appear in the Classified Advertising section of each issue, where readers can click on links you provide, email you, or get a phone number you would like them to call.

Basic Headline-Only Ads: You get a single headline of up to 85 charaters of text that links directly to whatever website you provide. The headlines appear only under the appropriate category in the Classified Advertising section of each issue, after any and all Featured 60-Word Ads for that same category.



The “traditional” classified ads like those that have been in newspapers, only with a much bigger limit on total words!

Every website classified ad receives:

  • Headline
  • Up to 500 words of information
  • Web links and formatting of that information
  • Images (for Featured level ads)

Based on the Ad Category you choose, other features vary. The categories are:

  • Camps*
  • Events*
  • Leagues
  • Products / Services
  • Jobs
  • Tournaments*
  • Tryouts

Each ad can be either BASIC or FEATURED

  • FEATURED** = Bold Headline and Image and always appear above BASIC ad listings
  • BASIC = Non-Bold Headline only. Always appear below any Featured Headlines

*Camps, Events, and Tournaments have no time limit to their ads, other than having them expire once the event, or it’s open registration period come to an end.

**Tournaments set to FEATURED also receive:

  • A dedicated Tournament Home Page on with:
    • Logo
    • Event Dates
    • An “About” section
    • Up to 5 links back to specific sections of your official website
    • A news feed with headlines of any stories on about your tournament, and
    • An embedded Twitter stream tied to you own Twitter account
  • Inclusion in our travel soccer competition, recruiting, and rankings platform with:
    • Logo
    • Division Alignments (u12-u19 only)
    • Results from added by us from the top flights of each u12-u19 age group from your last event (you can add your own or contract with us to add the rest)
  • Event Dates listed on our Soccer Calendar

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The following packages combine all three advertising options above into monthly packages at a discounted rate over what it would cost to contract for them individually. The packages also include additional discounts for multi-month commitments.

Call 703-433-1887 or email ads -at- soccerwire -dot- com now

Regional Packages: These packages are designed for advertisers looking primarily to target readers in either the Potomac or Tri-State regions, and will limit your ad campaign to only to one or the other of those and a few surrounding states. Regional packages are most popular with small tournaments; or advertisers seeking to promote camps, tryouts, or events that only expect to draw clients from nearby.

National Packages: These packages are for advertisers looking to reach both the Tri-State and Potomac regions, as well as other areas of the USA and Canada. They include both email newsletters, and can be set to deliver ad banners to any 10 or more states desired.



Premier Club Partners receive $2000 in direct advertising credit plus another $3,000+ in additional branding and advertising exposure throughout, 15% off all other advertising needs, and regularly monitoring of the club’s website and social media accounts for opportunities to share news with our Soccer Wire community.

The number of clubs per US state accepted to this program is limited, so us at 703-433-1887 or apply here.