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Soccer Wire is a leading news and information destination for the American soccer community, with a particularly strong following and focus on the world of youth travel soccer.

Based just outside of Washington, DC, approximately 50% of our audience is concentrated from upstate New York to Virginia Beach, with the remainder spread over other major youth soccer “hotbeds” of Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Southern California, and the Pacific Northwest. and our family of email newsletters are a great way to reach youth soccer coaches, parents, players, and administers.

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Audience Overview

  • 100K visitors / 225K page views per mo.
  • Gender: 64% male | 36% female
  • Age: 18% 25-34 | 39% 35-44 | 24% 45-54
  • Largest audience is youth soccer coaches and parents of travel soccer players, followed by fans of women’s soccer.

À la carte Ad Options

  • Large Banners (300×250 & 728×90) run in any 5 or more US States – $150 per month*
  • Large Banners (300×250 & 728×90) run in any 1-4 US States – $200 per month*
  • Micro Banner (100×45) run in any 5 or more US States – $250 per 6 months* ($50/mo.)
  • Micro Banner (100×45) run in any 1-4 US States – $400 per 6 months* ($66.67/mo.)
  • Website Classified Ads and Event Listings – $25 – $75 per
  • Day Sponsors – $145 – $250 per 24 hour (unlimited banner impressions)
       * 20,000 impressions per month (ask about other frequency options)

Email Newsletters

Potomac Soccer Wire (PSW)

  • PSW Logo26,000+ subscribers in DC, MD, VA
  • 21% Open Rate
  • Launched in 2006
  • Audience mostly youth travel soccer administrators, coaches, and parents
  • Sent every Tuesday and Friday afternoon
  • Text-only format keeps subscribers quickly informed and mobile friendly without image clutter

Tri-State Soccer Wire (TSW)

  • SoccerWire-Logo2014-TriState11,000+ subscribers in CT, NJ, NY
  • 23% Open Rate
  • Launched in 2014
  • Audience mostly youth travel soccer administrators, coaches, and parents
  • Sent every Tuesday and Friday afternoon
  • Text-only format keeps subscribers quickly informed and mobile friendly without image clutter

Soccer Tournament Wire (STW)

  • 27,000+ subscribers nationally
  • 18% Open Rate
  • Launched in 2015
  • Audience mostly youth travel coaches and administrators
  • Sent every Wednesday
  • Includes graphic banners and event logos
  • Offered exclusively through our Soccer Tournament Listing Service at either the Basic for $250, or Featured for $450.

À la carte Ad Options

  • PSW Issue Sponsor – $100 per issue
  • TSW Issue Sponsor – $50 per issue
  • STW Issue Sponsor – $100 per issue
  • PSW Featured Newsletter Classified – $25 per issue
  • TSW Featured Newsletter Classified – $15 per issue

You have three core options for Ad Campaigns with Soccer Wire if you’re just looking for more traditional advertising of a business, event, or organization.

  1. Email Newsletter(s)
  2. Website Banners
  3. Website Classifieds

We also offer combination packages that bundled the three options above for an overall discount.

If you operate a tournament or a camp, we also have speciality packages and programs tailored based on our 9 years of experience in helping others like you.

In all cases, we have the ability to provide custom proposals if you don’t see the exact combination of options here. Just call us at 703-433-1887.

Email Newsletters
The following rates are for our “Featured Newsletter Classifieds”, which provide a headline and up to 60-words of text (including links to your desired web pages). The Potomac Soccer Wire primarily delivers readers in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. The Tri-State Soccer Wire primarily delivers readers in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Both are sent every Tuesday and Friday.

Featured Email Newsletter Ads 1 Month 2 Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s
Potomac & Tri-State
(CT, DC, MD, NJ, NY, VA)
$280 $525 $780 $1,015 $1,230 $1,450
(DC, MD, VA)
$200 $380 $565 $740 $910 $1,070
(CT, NJ, NY)
$120 $230 $340 $445 $550 $645

Website Advertising Banners – LARGE
These are the color ads you see at the top of this page to the right of our logo and on the right side-bar. They are sold by “impression”, which means the number of times a banner in your ad campaign “shows up” to a single reader. The rates below are for showing your banners to readers in 10 or more U.S. states, but we can limit them to few states or even major U.S. cities for a 20% premium. If you don’t have banners, we can design them for you for as little as $50. Large Banners 1 Month 2 Mo.’s 3 Mo.’s 4 Mo.’s 5 Mo.’s 6 Mo.’s
15,000 Impressions Per Month $150 $300 $415 $540 $655 $765
20,000 Impressions Per Month $200 $380 $555 $720 $875 $1,020
25,000 Impressions Per Month $250 $475 $695 $900 $1,090 $1,275
30,000 Impressions Per Month $300 $570 $830 $1,080 $1,310 $1,530
35,000 Impressions Per Month $350 $665 $970 $1,260 $1,530 $1,785

Website Classifieds
The least visible, but most affordable option we have. If you only have a small budget, but need to do something to spread the word, this is a good option. But if you get a package below, these are included at no additional cost!

View or Post Ads by Category Here

Coaches Available | Coaches Wanted | Volunteers Wanted | Other Soccer Job Openings | Tryouts and Teams Seeking Players | Players Seeking Teams | Camps Offered | Tournaments Available | Items and Services Offered | Live Soccer Related Events | Soccer Leagues Seeking Teams or Players

COMBINE Email Newsletters & Website Banners
The best way to grab our readers’ attention is to hit them with both website banners and email newsletter ads, which is what most advertisers elect to so with us. These rates represent a discount over what you would pay if ordering separately.

Recommended Packages 1 Month 2 Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s
Target Tri-State Area $310 $590 $850 $1,120 $1,380 $1,600
Target Potomac Area $390 $740 $1,000 $1,400 $1,740 $2,000
Target Tri-State & Potomac
$450 $875 $1,300 $1,700 $2,000 $2,400
Target Nationwide $700 $1,300 $1,900 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500


Add Email Newsletters Sponsorships

Type of Sponsorship PSW TSW PSW & TSW STW
Issue Sponsorship $100 $75 $150 $100
Tournament Category Sponsorship $50 $35 $75 n/a

[Key: PSW=Potomac Soccer Wire, TSW=Tri-State, STW=Soccer Tournament Wire]

Website Sponsorships and Additional Banners

Type of Website Additions Description of Options
Site-wide Day Sponsorship – $300 Per Day Feature your event exclusively for 24 hours as the Day Sponsor. Your event will occupy every large banner position (does not subtract from other banner contracts) and have a custom message at the top of every page.
News Category Section Sponsor – $50 Per Day (3 day min.) Sponsor an entire news category for the day on with a custom message displayed across the top of every news post.
More Large Banner Impressions – $TBD by Existing Campaign Pump up your large banner advertising campaign on by adding more impressions. You could technically do this just by selecting are more aggressive monthly banner campaign from above and consolidating the date range.
Micro Banner Impressions – $40 per 10,000 Impressions Micro Banners are the small 100×45 pixel rectangles on the left edge of under the “Featured Partners” header. They’re small, so usually it’s best just to put a logo to support your brand, but they still link to your web page.

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More and more tournaments are realizing and our 65,000 + Email Newsletter subscriptions are a VERY DIRECT and EFFICIENT way to reach youth travel soccer coaches, there assistants, their Directors of Coaching, and the many influential parents on travel teams.

No other soccer news and information provider is focused more exclusively on the world of youth travel soccer in the United States than Soccer Wire! Between our email newsletters and website, we reach this core audience over 500,000 times per month (and growing).

$250-$450 per Event per Year (+more info here)


Give us a call at 703-433-1887 to learn more.



Premier Club Partners receive $2000 in direct advertising credit plus another $3,000+ in additional branding and advertising exposure throughout, 15% off all other advertising needs, and regularly monitoring of the club’s website and social media accounts for opportunities to share news with our Soccer Wire community.

The number of clubs per US state accepted to this program is limited, so give us call at 703-433-1887 or apply here.