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Top 50 NCAA Men’s Soccer Players so far this season in the InStat Index (#26-50)

See below to find out which NCAA men’s soccer players have earned the best InStat Index* ratings so far this season:

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Player Team InStat Index Position Nationality
26.-t Jasper Loffelsend Pittsburgh 205 F, LM, RD Germany
26.-t Rouse Bailey Kentucky 205 DM USA
26.-t Takuma Suzuki Wake Forest 205 DM USA
29.-t Soren Jensen Central Arkansas 204 DM, CM Denmark
29.-t Hilli Goldhar Syracuse 204 LM, CM, RM USA
29.-t Kyle Gruno Syracuse 204 CD USA
29.-t Andreas Ueland Virginia 204 CD Norway
33.-t Ivy Brisma NC State 203 RM USA
33.-t Elmedkhar Kalil Kentucky 203 LM USA
35.-t Logan Luque Georgia State 202 RM, RD USA
35.-t Haji Abdikadir Louisville 202 DM, CM Kenya
35.-t Ramon Munoz Georgia State 202 LM, CD, LD Mexico
35.-t Justin Malou Clemson 202 RD, CD USA
39. Philip Mayaka Clemson 201 DM Kenya
40.-t Aris Briggs Zustra Georgia State 200 F USA
40.-t Lewis McGarvey Duke 200 DM Northern Ireland
42.-t Matthias Frick Duke 199 DM, CD Austria
42.-t Ross Finnie Georgia State 199 DM, F Scotland / England
42.-t Brandon Parrish Clemson 199 CM USA
42.-t John Martin Clemson 199 CM, RD USA
46. Hosei Kijima Wake Forest 198 RD, LD USA
47.-t Matthew Rios Georgia State 197 CD, LD USA
47.-t Eythor Bjorgolfsson Kentucky 197 F Norway
49. Michael Pellegrino Notre Dame 196 RM, CM, DM USA
50. George Asomani NC State 195 DM USA

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*InStat’s signature metric is the InStat Index, an algorithm which is regarded as the most accurate assessment of any player’s performance. The InStat Index measures each player’s contribution to the team’s success, the significance of their actions, opponent’s level and the level of the league they play in.

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