Everyone remembers their favorite pair of cleats. From the first moment that they are laced to that first big goal, tackle, or pass every player has a favorite story from their favorite pair of boots. The key is finding the right pair that match one’s style and game.

To help parents and players make the right choice for their feet, SoccerWire will be going through some of the top cleats of 2024 by each brand. In this edition we will be focusing on Nike.

If you’re a beginner, take a look at some pro tips on how to buy soccer cleats before you make a purchase.

Here are the best soccer cleats of 2024:

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Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite: For field players, finding a pair of cleats that allow for a high level of control and that enhance each touch of the ball is key. Nike’s Tiempos have historically been one of the top ball possession shoes on the market and the 10s only improve upon the shoe technology. Tiempo’s microdots on the surface enhance a player’s ball touches and will help take their game to the next level. The Tiempos also have FlyTouch Plus enginereed leather lining which gives players extra protection around the ankle and will mold to the player’s foot.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite

Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite: For wingers, outside backs, and players up top having cleats that can enhance a player’s speed is key. Cleats that are lighter and less bulky will help bring their game to the next level. Nike’s Mercurial Superflys are built for players looking to burn opponents in open space. They use a material called Vaporposite+, which is a mesh fabric that has grippy surface to it. The lining allows for players to maintain a superior level of ball control at higher speeds while not adding any additional weight. This year’s Superfly also have improved their design so that it better fits a player’s foot.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15: For those looking for more of a throwback, Nike’s Zooms will certainly give players a look that many haven’t seen in years.  Aesthetics aside, the Air Zoom’s are similar to the Superflys in that they are a lightweight shoe that has a cushioned insole, giving players a high level of traction while not compromising comfort. The Zoom’s however are primarily built for grass fields, using a plastic plate with molded studs aimed at giving player traction on even the bumpiest of surfaces.

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15

Nike Phantom Luna Elite: The first soccer shoe that is specfically destined for women, the Phantoms have become a popular shoe not just for women, but also men as well (Kevin de Bruyne wears them). What sets them apart is the high level of traction that they give to players. The Phantom Lunas have a Gripknit which covers the first two laces and gives players a high level of ball control in all conditions. The technology also helps improve ball striking forming a close fit around the foot.

Nike Phantom Luna Elite

Nike Jr. Mercurial Zoom Vapor 15 Academy: For younger players just starting out in the game and parents not looking to break the bank for a pair of soccer cleats, the Mercurial Zooms are a great choice  on all surfaces. The Mercurial Zoom’s emphasize comfort, providing players with extra cushion in the heel as well as pull tabs and elastic straps to give even more support. They also have a high level of breathability which will keep younger players cool at warm practices and games.

Nike Jr. Mercurial Zoom Vapor 15 Academy