Finding the right pair of shin guards can be often as challenging as a decide slide tackle to stop a goal scoring opportunity. Getting the proper fit that also feel comfortable (velcro straps or sleeves?) and offer the maximum level of protection can be a tall task while shopping online at one’s local soccer shop. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the top shin guards this fall from some of the best brands.

If you’re a beginner, take a look at some pro tips on how to buy shin guards before you make a purchase.

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Adidas X League: The X Leagues are built for players that play at a highly competitive level that will likely find themselves encountering some physical play. They have a tough, asymmetric shield that is built withstand hard hits with a soft EVA lining that helps buttress any impact. The X Leagues also feature an adjustable strap to give maximum comfort to each player.

Adidas X League Shin Guards

Nike Mercurial Light: Anyone who has played enough soccer knows that wearing shin guards, particularly in the spring and summer, can get quite hot so having a pair that can remain cool, but are still safe, is important. The Nike Mercurial Lights provide a durable shield but are also light, giving players maximum protection while also keeping them cool. The Mercurials are also slip-in shin guards, giving players additional flexibility on the pitch.

Nike Mercurial Light

Malker Shin Guards For Kids: If you’re looking for shin guards for a younger player or a player who is just starting out, Malker provide fundamentally sound shin guards that offer a high level of protection at an affordable price. The slip-in shin guards also made of a lightweight material, providing extra comfort for younger players who struggle with the comfort level of straps.

Malker Shin Guards For Kids

Franklin Soccer: Much like the Malkers, Franklin’s shin guards are a solid option for parents who are looking for a high-level of protection for their younger players at an affordable price. The shell is made of a dense plastic that protect players from physical play, while the foam cushion on the back helps absorb any additional impact. The Franklins also use a strap in the back that help hold the shin guard in place.

Franklin Soccer

Puma Ultra Flex: No matter the level, having flexibility in one’s shin guards is important. Pumas Ultra Flexes provide a high level of comfort to players while also providing ample protection. While they extra flexible, they also have a highly durable softshell.

Puma Ultra Flex