Finding the right pair of goalkeeper gloves can be often as difficult making a clutch save during a game. In addition to making sure they actually fit properly, getting a pair of gloves that provide traction, support, and can withstand the rigors of often hundreds of games per season can be a major challenge. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the top goalkeeper gloves this fall from some of the best brands.

If you are a beginner, take a look at some pro tips on how to buy goalkeeper gloves before you make a purchase.

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Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid: The Adidas Predator Pros offer rubber backhand grip inserts which allows for goalkeepers to make precise clearances without losing any sort of flexibility. The palms contain 100% rubber foam while the thumbs have extended latex grip. The Predators can be used for either grass or turf surfaces and are extra durable in all weather conditions.

Adidas Predator Pro Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike GK Phantom Shadow: The Phantoms feature Nike’s  All Conditions Control Technology (ACC), which keeps players hands dry in all conditions and allows for superior ball handling. With the extended wrist and longer strap, they provide additional wrist support for players. Although they are a bit heavier than the traditional goalkeeper gloves, the support they provide in all conditions makes them a great buy for players.

Nike GK Phantom Shadow Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Mercurial Touch Victory 8: Similar to the Phantoms, Nike’s Mercurial Touch gloves offer their ACC technology and are a longer than the traditional goalkeeper gloves. Where they differentiate is that they are made of a perforated mesh material which offers more breathability and are generally lighter. They also have a flat finger design which allows for goalkeepers to have additional flexibility for throws and finger protection.

Nike Mercurial Touch Victory 8 Goalkeeper Gloves

PUMA Ultra PRO RC GRIP: One of the most flexible gloves on the market, the Puma Ultra PRO’s offer players enhanced grip and control with their latex palm, backhand, and thumb wrap while remaining light in weight and durable. Their enhanced grip is built for all weather conditions, perfect the uncertainties that can typically happen on those early morning fall gamedays.

PUMA Ultra PRO RC Grip Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Goalkeeper Match: If you have a player who is just starting out in the goalkeeper position and still deciding if it is the right fit for them, budget is obviously a concern as is having the proper protection. Nike’s Match gloves feature soft padding to give additional cushion against tough shots from short and long distance. The smooth surface also provides protection in all weather conditions and typically are some of the more affordable gloves in the market.

Nike Goalkeeper Match Goalkeeper Gloves