SoccerWire is publishing Q&A articles with players who have Featured Profiles in the SoccerWire Recruiting Directory. The series allows players to share their stories on the college recruiting process, playing the game at the international level, travel and high school soccer, and their passion for the beautiful game.

In this edition we will showcase Maddie Cervantes, who plays travel soccer in the ECNL for the Dallas Texans and recently participated in a training camp with the Indonesia Youth National Team.

Maddie Cervantes


Cervantes is the captain of the Dallas Texans 2009 ECNL team.

SoccerWire: What made you decide to represent Indonesia and what was going through your mind when you received your first call-up?

Maddie Cervantes: I’ve always wanted to play for any National team I am able to represent. When I heard the news of going to the call up I was really surprised because I didn’t know how good my chances would be living this far away from Indonesia but I was really excited to meet new people and play overseas and train.

SW: What was your first training experience like with Indonesia and their coaching staff and what were some of the differences that you noticed between their training style and the ones that you have played with here in the United States?

MC: My first training experience with Indonesia was good but challenging. First was the language barrier and then I had to adjust quickly with the time difference since they are 13 hours ahead. Some of the differences I noticed was there they are more focused on playing matches/scrimmages and here it’s more focused on technique and drills but both are valuable in this game.

SW: Did you get to do any traveling or sight seeing in Indonesia and if so what were some of the things that you enjoyed the most?

MC: While I was in Bali, I only had time for training since it consisted of two training sessions a day and team meetings in between. I was able to explore the last day of the trip and visited the monkey forest where the monkeys were able to run free and interact with everyone. The views are beautiful anywhere on the island.

SW: How did playing for Dallas Texans prepare you for playing with Indonesia?

MC: It helped prepare me because it taught me discipline and how to be in a fun environment but at the same time know when to be serious and understand what you are there to do. Overall the Dallas Texans gave me a big support system.

SW: For you, what does it mean to be chosen as the captain of the Texans?

MC: For me to be chosen as captain it means I am in a leadership role on my team and expected to be an example, and with that I am happy to help anyway I can to support my team and coach.

SW: What are some of your favorite subjects in school and what do you think you would like to study in college?

MC: My favorite subject in school is math. At this moment I’m undecided on what career I’m interested in.

SW: Off of the field, are you involved with any clubs or organizations (ex: French club, National Honors Society, band, etc.)?

MC: National Junior Honors Society, school ambassador, was on the varsity basketball team and we won the DPL Championships. Side note: I was the first female varsity football player for my school and only female player in the DPL League.

SW: If you could give one piece of advice to a younger player who wants to play midfield what would it be?

MC: Be confident, work hard and form a good bond with the teammates you are working with in the middle because it’s great to have chemistry with your core and it will help your team in the long run. But most of all just remember you are playing that position because you enjoy it and it is what you want to do.