In an expansion of their partnership, the ECNL and Hudl have agreed to launch a league video exchange platform for all ECNL teams in the U15 – U18/19 age groups.

The ECNL League Video Exchange is a new free video library allowing teams to share game footage, making it easier than ever to access and use video content for player development and recruitment. Coaches and athletes will now have greater access to video on any device to better prepare for gameday, and college and professional scouts will be able to more easily watch prospects.

As part of the ECNL League Video Exchange, Hudl will also capture all matches at ECNL national events so teams don’t have to do so themselves. Last season, Hudl Focus Flex cameras captured the ECNL Girls’ and ECNL Boys’ National Playoffs and Finals. Over 11 days in June and July, Focus Flex cameras captured more than 1,200 games, with each match uploaded and broken down by Hudl Assist for all teams. In total, this service saved ECNL clubs nearly 5,000 total hours of manual work, while providing every team a comprehensive analytics breakdown of every game.

Hudl, ECNL and Nutmeg Sports Media—a sports videography company—are excited to continue this service for the upcoming season, capturing games and uploading film directly to the league exchange immediately after games. Teams will no longer need to travel with their cameras when attending an ECNL National Event, the ECNL Playoffs, or the ECNL Finals, as Hudl and Nutmeg Sports will coordinate the recording and uploading of film for all competing teams.

(ECNL Girls All-Conference Teams and Individual Awards announced for 2022-23)

“We are thrilled to expand upon our current relationship with ECNL by rolling out a league video exchange. This will provide equal access to game footage for scouting and game analysis, helping to provide exposure that gives every athlete the shot they deserve,” said Rachel Krasnow, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Hudl. “ECNL is a leader in the competitive youth soccer space and we are excited to help contribute to their continued success.”

For regular season games, only the home teams need to record the match and upload it to the ECNL League Video Exchange — saving the inconvenience and cost of traveling with equipment.

“The ECNL League Video Exchange will allow every club to have film for every minute of play from U15 – U18 and will be a gamechanger for player development and exposure. Players and coaches will grow by being able to review and learn from video far more easily, college and professional scouts will be able to better see the growth and maturation of players over time, and teams will be able to scout and prepare for each other tactically in a new way,” said Christian Lavers, ECNL President.

For ECNL teams wanting to learn more about the league-wide exchange platform, contact your Hudl Representative.