Everyone remembers their favorite pair of cleats. From the first moment that they are laced to that first big goal, tackle, or pass, every player has a favorite story from their pair of boots. The key is finding the right pair that match one’s style and game.

To help parents and players make the right choice for their feet, SoccerWire will be going through some of the top cleats of 2024 by each brand. In this edition we will be focusing on Puma.

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Future 7 Firm: Puma’s signature cleats, the Future 7’s have steadily become one of the most popular brand of boots on the market. The reason for this is simple: they provide a high level of support and comfort, in particular for younger players. With a soft upper lining and a durable, synthetic surface the Future are an easy fit for players, while allowing for them to play at a high level. Their advanced stud configuration also gives players more balance when they are playing on wet and muddy surfaces.

Future 7 Firm

Ultra Ultimate: For players that like to burn past defenders, the Ultra Ultimates that feel the need for speed. This year’s Ultras are light in weight, due in part to their engineering. Each shoe has a structured four-way stretch that reduces the weight of the shoe and the friction that can be created when they hit the ground.  This gives players who rely on their speed as part of their game an advantage.

Ultra Ultimate

Future 7 Match Creativity: Using Puma’s FUZIONFIT 360 technology, the Future 7 Match’s provide players with additional freedom for dribbling and ball control. Particularly for players in the midfield or up top, the Matchs give players a high-level of flexibility allowing them to use all points on their foot in either training or games.

Future 7 Match Creativity

Future 7 Match Rush: Like the Creativity’s, Puma’s Rush shoes use the company’s FUZIONFIT 360 technology giving younger players a high level of comfort and speed. The key difference between them though is that the Rush shoes have more support in the heel, making them an ideal fit for younger players who are still working on their dribbling and passing.

Future 7 Match Rush

Future 7 Pro: As any soccer parent knows, finding cleats the are durable and comfortable is key to making any young soccer player happy. The Pro’s have consistently provided young players and their parents with both, giving players the level of comfort that they need on the pitch while also lasting for more than just one season. The PROs have a targeted upper reinforcement that gives players a high level of support while also holding under pressure of constant passing and shooting. They also provide a micro-perforated heel pad which keeps the back of the foot locked in comfortably.

Future 7 Pro