Everyone remembers their favorite pair of cleats. From the first moment that they are laced to that first big goal, tackle, or pass, every player has a favorite story from their pair of boots. The key is finding the right pair that match one’s style and game.

To help parents and players make the right choice for their feet, SoccerWire will be going through some of the top cleats of 2024 by each brand. In this edition we will be focusing on Diadora. Proudly built and made in Italy, Diadora is considered to be one of the top cleats in soccer and a favorite for top players across the world.

Cattura: The Cattura’s are one of the top youth soccer cleats because they provide younger players with a high level of comfort and they are effective on multiple surfaces. They are light in weight and easy to lace up and adjust while playing, which as any parent knows can be a struggle with younger players. They also have a fixed 14 stud structure with a polyurethane outsole and are water resistant, making them playable on compact and synthetic surfaces as well as wet conditions.


Brasil Elite Women: Specifically designed for women, this version of the Brasil Elite is made for the contours of a female foot. The Brasil Elite’s contain an ultrasoft full-grain leather surface that gives players a high level of ball control but is also water resistant. They also have an anti-stretch fabric lining and non-slip lining on the back to provide players with even more support.

Brasil Elite Women

Brasil Elite Veloce GR ITA LPX: One of the top natural surface boots on the market, the Veloce’s mix the high-level of craftsmanship that Diadora is known for with superb traction on grass in all conditions. A lightweight cleat, they are a great buy for players whose game centers around speed and agility, giving them an advantage in open space or on the counter-attack.

Brasil Elite Veloce GR ITA LPX

Calcetto Turf: For tough matches on turf it is critical to have boots that are comfortable and help your player have the best performance possible. The Calcetto’s provide both and have through the years been a favorite of players and parents. The Calcettos have an EVA midsole that allow for additional cushioning a necessity when playing on turf surfaces that are hard. They also have an anti-wear outsole which protects them against abrasions on turf and makes them highly durable.

Calcetto Turf

Brasil Italy OG GR LT+ MDPU: Featuring  a calfskin leather surface, the Brasil Italy OGs are ultra soft and have a wider fit to give players a high level of comfort while meeting their performance needs. Designed to look like the classic Diadora cleat, the Brasil Italy OGs have the sleek throwback look that is back in style with all of the technical improvements that come with modern boots.

Brasil Italy OG GR LT+ MDPU