The summer is almost upon us which for many players and parents which generally means two things: vacations and  more soccer. As any soccer parent knows, a player’s first item that they normally pack on their adventures either new locations or camp is their soccer ball. With so many options available it can be quite the challenge finding the perfect ball for their player.

To help make the right choice, SoccerWire will be going through some of the top soccer balls available this summer. In this edition we will be focusing on Adidas, who will be providing match balls for both the men’s European Championship as well as the men’s and women’s Summer Olympics and Major League Soccer.

If you’re a beginner, take a look at some pro tips on how to buy soccer ball before you make a purchase. Here are also the recommended sizes for each age group.

Size 1-2: All ages
Size 3: Ages 6-10
Size 4: Ages 10-14
Size 5: Ages 14+

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EURO24 League: The official match ball of the 2024 European Championship, adidas’ league ball will certainly be a popular item as players will want to emulate all of the top players taking part in the competition in Germany. Aside from its connection to the tournament, it is also a high quality soccer ball that is light weight and perfect for players that are looking to working on their ball control and dribbling over the course of the fall and summer.

adidas EURO24 League

Olympics League: In addition to providing the official ball for the EUROs,  adidas has also crafted a world-class soccer ball for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The ball is built to be played in all conditions and is built with a fortified butyl bladder, meaning that it can multiple strikes and continue to provide a high level of performance.

adidas Olympics League Soccer Ball

EURO24 Mini: A size 1 version of the League Ball, the mini is perfect for players who are looking to work on their footwork during the summer months. As any player knows the summer months are a critical time period for honing one’s dribbling skills as well as their ability to control the ball. A smaller ball is also much easier to pack for vacations and trips.

adidas EURO24 Mini Soccer Ball

Fussballliebe Club Euro 2024: For players looking to work on their accuracy this summer, the Fusballliebe is hard to beat. It uses Adidas’ cutting-edge CTR-CORE inner lining which is designed for players looking to improve their accuracy and the consistency of their ball strikes while retaining air and maintaining its shape. The ball’s 20 panel shape and exterior grooves will give players a high-level of performance in all conditions.

Fussballliebe Club Euro 2024 Ball

MLS 24 Club Ball: Built to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1994 World Cup, the MLS Club ball is highly durable and great for players that are either starting to play the beautfiul game or will be joining their first team in the fall. Its machine-stitched construction makes it the perfect fit for children that are working on their touches and playing on all surfaces. It is also a choice economical purchase for parents looking a quality ball at an affordable price.

MLS 24 Club Ball