Everyone remembers their favorite pair of cleats. From the first moment that they are laced to that first big goal, tackle, or pass, every player has a favorite story from their pair of boots. The key is finding the right pair that match one’s style and game.

To help parents and players make the right choice for their feet, SoccerWire will be going through some of the top cleats of 2024 by each brand. In this edition we will be focusing on Adidas.

Predator: A staple in the soccer cleat world for any player growing up, the Predators are still the benchmark for best boots. As has been the case throughout the year’s, the newest Predators are soft and flexible giving players at the oldest age groups a high level of performance and comfortability for younger players still getting adjusted. The laceless version of the Predator feature Adidas’ HybridTouch 2.0 technology, allowing players to strike the ball with a high level of accuracy.


X Crazyfast: Another staple of the Adidas brand, the Crazyfast’s throughout the years have proven to be a strong compliment to the Predators for players of all levels. The reason for this is simple: they are light and they are built for players that like to use their speed. The synthetic upper and layered materials allow for speedy, pacey players to reach their maximum potential on the pitch. They are also available as both laced and laceless shoes, giving players the option to choose which boots fit their needs.

X Crazyfast

Copa Pure II: For ball control, there are few cleats better than the Copa Pure II. Possessing a soft, synthetic upper lip and a synthetic leather forefront, giving them a classic style while also allowing for players to maintain a high level of ball control. For players of all experience levels, the Copa Pure IIs are a great fit.

Copa Pure II

Predator League Low Firm: The League Low Firms contain all of the same ingredients for what makes the regular Predators great but are built specifically for players who are looking for more ankle room. Their low cut silhouette provides while continuing to give players the same light, comfortable feel.

Predator League Low Firm

Goletto VIII: For players just starting out in the beautiful game, the Goletto’s provide a firm, comfortable fit for players. Players can wear them in both warm and wet conditions while giving players some breathability while also keeping their feet dry. The Goletto’s are also one of the more affordable cleats on the market and are highly durable.

Goletto VIII