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Referees announced for 2013 US Youth Soccer National Championships

FRISCO, Texas — US Youth Soccer announced the 88 referees who, based on their performance at the state and regional level, will be officiating the games at the 2013 US Youth Soccer National Championships July 23-28 in Overland Park, Kan.

The selection process for referees for the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series is based on performance throughout the Series. Just as the teams advance from the state to regional to national level, so do the referees.

The United States Soccer Federation is sending five referee assessors to Overland Park, in addition to several US Youth Soccer assessors. The referees are an integral part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, and they play a key role in its success and advancement to the next level. Being invited to the national level is a great honor for these referees who are dedicated to promoting fair play and furthering their development.

This year, 20 referees — five from each of US Youth Soccer’s four regions — will be returning to work at their second consecutive US Youth Soccer National Championships. Randall Kelley of Massachusetts worked as the head referee in last year’s US Youth Soccer Under-19 Boys McGuire Cup final. He said it is an incredible honor to be selected for these games, considering their prestige within youth soccer.

“So far, it’s been the pinnacle of my refereeing career to referee the McGuire Cup final,” Kelley said. “It’s something that we’ve worked for, for years. It’s a real process. We work hard to get better and improve with every tournament we do.”

Referees participating in the 55 US Youth Soccer State Association State Cup events are considered for advancement to participate in one of the four US Youth Soccer Regional Championship events. The top referees from each regional event are then considered for advancement to the National Championships. Once selected to the National Championships, the top 20 referees are identified and invited to return to the event the following year.

Region I Referees

First Name Last Name State Grade
Anthony Brossi MA 6
*Danielle Brzezinksi VA 6
Rosario Candela NY 5
*Alex Chilowicz NJ 5
Lauren Dearman NY 6
Matthew DeBlois RI 7
Corson Fidler MD 5
Sergio Gonzalez PA 6
Kiah Haslett VA 7
Melvin Holmes PA 6
*Randy Kelley MA 4
Justen Lopez NY 5
Stewart Milton VA 7
Ian McKay MA 5
Rabee Naji NY 7
David Nare DE 5
Milena Nikolic VA 6
Andreas Santibanez NY 6
*Brandon Smith PA 6
*Mark Treilman PA 6
Anthony Visconti NY 6
Alexandria White MA 7

Region II Referees

First Name Last Name State Grade
*Brandon Artis OH 5
Keith Angel IL 5
Nick Balcer MI 7
Ali Banane IN 5
Daniel Barber KY 6
Devin Blazek KS 5
Kyle Burkhardt MN 5
Kyle Costa IN 7
Jack Feldman IA 6
Elvis Mahmutovic MO 5
Zachary Marzilli OH 7
*Jonathon McCoy MI 6
*Adrienne McDonald MI 6
Edgar Osorio IL 7
Lauren Parliament SD 6
*Jordan Pramuk IL 5
Chris Ruska WI 6
Rachel Smith IL 7
Ronald Stuver OH 6
*Vicente A. Suarez OH 6
Tyler Turner IA 6
Khary Williams KY 6

Region III Referees

First Name Last Name State Grade
Anelise Cimino GA 7
Marcus DeBruno NTX 7
*Doug Dutt LA 5
Oladokun Faduyile TN 5
Thomas Holt AL 7
Christina Hutchinson STX 5
James Meade NTX 7
*Caleb Mendez FL 5
Tony Mensah OK 5
R. Tyler Mitcham LA 6
*Keith Ooten OK 5
Jasmine Peralta FL 5
Jennifer Politz LA 6
Michael Remensnyder GA 7
Kaylib Robinson NC 7
Nima Saghafi OK 5
Giovanni Sanchez NTX 5
Nick Uranga GA 6
Midge Van Es STX 5
Rubiel Vazquez FL 6
*Jeremy Weed STX 6
*Ben Wooten NC 5

Region IV Referees

First Name Last Name State Grade
*Vince Apple-Chiarella CA 5
Will Aten CO 5
Vincent Brizzolara CA 5
Miguel Carmona AZ 6
Kate Chapman CA 6
Cuauhtemoc Delgadillo NM 6
Andrew Decker OR 6
Eric Ehrhardt CA 6
Kira Helmer CA 6
*Randy Hoffman CA 5
Eduardo JR Jeff CA 5
Christopher Koll OR 6
Alicia Messer AZ 6
*Samantha Moos CA 5
Luis Nunez CA 6
Salma Perez CA 6
Michael Radchuck CA 5
*Latham Riffle CO 5
Charles Spaniola WA 5
*Matthew Stewart AZ 5
Miguel Urbina-Barrios CO 6
Adam Zarrin CO 5

*Returning referee from 2012

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