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ECNL Jan 22, 2019

ECNL presents at United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago

RICHMOND, VA (Via ECNL) – At the United Soccer Coaches Convention last week in Chicago, the ECNL presented a detailed overview of the development and training philosophy of the ECNL National Training Camps (boys and girls), and the sessions from the 2018 camps, under the title “Training the Best to be Better”.

With experience at the youth, national, and professional level, ECNL President Christian Lavers provided deep insight into the camps, the sessions, and training methodology.

In a room with nearly 100 coaches from around the country and several more from Europe, the presentation discussed the coaching and methods used to train the players at both the Boys and Girl ECNL National Training Camps. CLICK HERE to view the full presentation, and CLICK HERE for the full sessions.

The presentation identified the framework of analysis in evaluating players, as well as the process and methods used to teach improvement in perception and cognition.  Lavers led the discussion using a Perception, Decision-Making, and Execution “loop” to identify where break-downs occur and intervention is effective – in vision, thought, or mechanics.

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