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Professional Apr 16, 2019

CCL, Northeast Soccer League to launch PRO23 in New England

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(Via Club Champions League) – The Northeast Soccer League (NSL) and the Club Champions League (CCL) has announced the launch of PRO23 in New England. Building on the recent announcement of the NSL and CCL partnership, the NSL will replicate the highly successful CCL PRO23 program in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., and create NSL PRO23.

PRO23 offers clubs a player retention opportunity providing current college players the ability to come home and play for the club that helped develop and prepare them for collegiate soccer. Top youth players and former collegiate/professional players round out PRO23 rosters to offer a one-of-a-kind off-season development experience. Older players mentor younger players and all continue their pursuit of soccer excellence.

NSL Technical Director, Nick Dunbar, believes PRO23 can be the evolution of summer programming for NSL member clubs. “One of the reasons we wanted to partner with the CCL is that they focus on player development. PRO23 offers a pathway for our member clubs to provide its players with a logical, cost-effective, local, yet professional opportunity to continue development. We want players to know that they can play in the NSL as a young player all the way through adulthood if they choose, staying connected to their home club every step of the way.”