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Soccer Wire is a leading news and information destination for the American soccer community, with a particularly strong following and focus on the world of youth travel soccer.

Based just outside of Washington, DC, approximately 50% of our audience is concentrated from upstate New York to Virginia Beach, with the remainder spread over the rest of the USA soccer landscape. and our family of email newsletters are a great way to reach youth soccer coaches, parents, players, and administers DIRECTLY and EFFICIENTLY. We are a niche news provider with loyal readers who work in and make decisions about soccer spending daily.

The rest of this page goes into more detail about what we have to offer, but you are also invited to call 703-433-1887 or email us here anytime with questions or to request a custom quote.


We offer three (3) core advertising platforms, which can be contracted individually from our Rate Card or bundled together in a pre-defined or custom campaign proposal.

  1. Email Newsletter(s)
    Potomac Soccer Wire, Tri-State Soccer Wire, and the Soccer Tournament Wire all sent over 125,000 times combined. Potomac focused on MD/DC/VA, Tri-State on CT/NJ/NY, with the Tournament Wire a national audience.
  2. Website Banners
    The large wide rectangle at the top of this page, with two more nearly square rectangle spaces on the right side-bar; and the single nearly square rectangle in most of our news articles are all available to promote your business, event, or products.
  3. Website Classifieds
    A mostly free offering for Basic category ads in several categories but never more than $50 per month for our full Featured listings.

In addition to these core options, we offer customized marketing services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Site-Wide Takeovers Sponsor Days
  • Direct Email Marketing
  • Landing Page and Lead Capture
  • Social Media Promotions and Management
  • Public Relations and Communications Services

We also have two exclusive membership programs for Clubs and Tournaments that offer access to substantial savings and on-going consulting and support related to branding, public relations, marketing, and social media.

1. Premier Club Partner Program – [More Info Here]
Annual membership with a guaranteed ROI directly from advertising credits offered equivalent to the full cost of annual membership; and with thousands of additional dollars in estimated value from branding and access to special rates for the club and its members.

2. Tournament Network Membership – [More Info Here]
The top tier of our Tournament Package offerings is membership in our uniquely branded Tournament Network. For about the cost of the list rates for a major advertising package, your tournament gains access to exclusive advertising, marketing, social media, rankings, and public relations support.


Audience Overview

  • 100K visitors / 225K page views per mo.
  • Gender: 64% male | 36% female
  • Age: 18% 25-34 | 39% 35-44 | 24% 45-54
  • Largest audience is youth soccer coaches and parents of travel soccer players, followed by fans of women’s soccer.

Email Newsletters

Potomac Soccer Wire (PSW)

  • PSW Logo26,000+ subscribers in DC, MD, VA
  • 21% Open Rate
  • Launched in 2006
  • Audience mostly youth travel soccer administrators, coaches, and parents
  • Sent every Tuesday and Friday afternoon
  • Text-only format keeps subscribers quickly informed and mobile friendly without image clutter

Tri-State Soccer Wire (TSW)

  • SoccerWire-Logo2014-TriState11,000+ subscribers in CT, NJ, NY
  • 23% Open Rate
  • Launched in 2014
  • Audience mostly youth travel soccer administrators, coaches, and parents
  • Sent every Tuesday and Friday afternoon
  • Text-only format keeps subscribers quickly informed and mobile friendly without image clutter

Soccer Tournament Wire (STW)

  • 55,000+ subscribers nationally
  • 18% Open Rate
  • Launched in 2015
  • Audience mostly youth travel coaches and administrators
  • Sent every Thursday
  • Includes graphic banners and event logos
  • Offered exclusively as component of our Soccer Tournament Listing Service.
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Email Newsletters

We offer three types of advertising in our regional Potomac and Tri-State Email Newsletters. Rates are per-issue for each -OR- you may combine both issues on the same day for a discount.

Featured Newsletter Classified Ad

  • Headline immediately below main issue headlines and notes summary
  • Headline and up to 60-words of text with links in Newsletter Classified section

Category Sponsor

  • Featured Newsletter Classified Ad
  • Headline and Ad bumped to top of section
  • Logo included in main ad that links to your page

Issue Sponsor

  • Featured Newsletter Classified Ad
  • Headline and Linked “Tag Line” appear at to of issue above news headlines
  • Full ad with logo appears in Issue Sponsor section between Main News and Notes sections
  • Full ad with logo appears at top of full classified ad section (standard ad still shows up on category as well)
 Per Issue Rates Potomac
Tri-State Both
Featured Ad $25 $15 $30
Category Sponsor $50 $30 $70
Issue Sponsor $100 $50 $125

Website Advertising Banners – LARGE
These are the color ads you see at the top of this page to the right of our logo and on the right side-bar. They are sold by “impression”, which means the number of times a banner in your ad campaign “shows up” on our website as people read pages. Large Banners 1 Month 2 Mo.’s 3 Mo.’s 4 Mo.’s 5 Mo.’s 6 Mo.’s
15,000 Impressions Per Month $150 $300 $415 $540 $655 $765
20,000 Impressions Per Month $200 $380 $555 $720 $875 $1,020
25,000 Impressions Per Month $250 $475 $695 $900 $1,090 $1,275
30,000 Impressions Per Month $300 $570 $830 $1,080 $1,310 $1,530
35,000 Impressions Per Month $350 $665 $970 $1,260 $1,530 $1,785

Website Classifieds
The least visible, but most affordable option we have… in fact most categories are FREE for the BASIC level ad.

Coaches Available | Coaches Wanted | Volunteers Wanted | Other Soccer Job Openings | Tryouts and Teams Seeking Players | Players Seeking Teams | Camps Offered | Tournaments Available | Items and Services Offered | Live Soccer Related Events | Soccer Leagues Seeking Teams or Players

COMBINE Email Newsletters & Website Banners
The best way to grab our readers’ attention is to hit them with both website banners and email newsletter ads, which is what most advertisers elect to so with us. These rates represent a discount over what you would pay if ordering separately and assume an average of 8.5 issues per month for our Email Newsletter Ads.

Recommended Packages 1 Month 2 Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s Mo.’s
Target Tri-State Area $310 $590 $850 $1,120 $1,380 $1,600
Target Potomac Area $390 $740 $1,000 $1,400 $1,740 $2,000
Target Tri-State & Potomac
$450 $875 $1,300 $1,700 $2,000 $2,400
Target Nationwide $700 $1,300 $1,900 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500

Interested? Call 703-433-1887 or Contact Us using this form


More and more tournaments are realizing and our 65,000 + Email Newsletter subscriptions are a VERY DIRECT and EFFICIENT way to reach youth travel soccer coaches, there assistants, their Directors of Coaching, and the many influential parents on travel teams.

No other soccer news and information provider is focused more exclusively on the world of youth travel soccer in the United States than Soccer Wire! Between our email newsletters and website, we reach this core audience over 500,000 times per month (and growing).

$250-$450 per Event per Year (+more info here)