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Youth Boys Dec 06, 2010

74 locals selected for 2011 Super Y-League ODP National Training Camps

United Soccer Leagues has announced the players nominated and selected for the 2010/2011 Super Y-League ODP National Camps. Each nominated player has been identified as one of the top players in their birth year, and among the top 2% of players in the Super Y-League.

Seventy-four local players from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC were selected for the National Camps.

The ODP focus groups this year will be for the top players (216 Girls & 216 Boys) born in either 1994/1995, or 1996/1997 players. The additional lists showing those players born in 1992 & 1993 are posted to recognize the top players from those birth years. That list will be promoted to over 1,000 colleges as well as to the USSF National Staff or the Canadian Soccer Association.

The dates for the Super Y-League ODP National Camps are as follows (includes arrival day of Thursday):

February 24 – 27, 2011 – 1994/95 Boys, 1996/97 Boys
March 3 – 6, 2011 – 1994/95 Girls, 1996/97 Girls

Players named to the list from MD, VA, and DC:

1996/97 Girls:
Elizabeth Balgoyen      1996    FASA                                     GK
Shannon Wratchford    1997    FASA                                     Mid
Ashley Skertic              1996    Northern Virginia Majestics   Mid
Annagret Venter           1997    Northern Virginia Majestics   Mid
Jewel Christian            1996    Northern Virginia Majestics    Fwd
Annah Lindberg           1996    Northern Virginia Majestics    Mid
Taylor Woods               1996    NOVA FC                               Fwd
Emily VanVeldhuisen   1996    Real Maryland F.C.                Def
Mary Ann Pritts            1996    Real Maryland F.C.                Def
Jordan Menge              1997    Real Maryland F.C.                Mid
Payton Cook                1996    Richmond Kickers                  Def
Taylor Hudgins             1997    Richmond Kickers                 Fwd
Clarissa Kirsch-Downs 1996    Washington Freedom           Fwd
Marina Callahan           1996    Washington Freedom           Fwd
Samantha Sullenger    1997    Washington Freedom            Def
Katlyn Jensen              1997    Washington Freedom            GK

1996/97 Boys:
William Hinegardner    1996    FASA                                  Mid
Gaven Jelinek             1996    FASA                                  Fwd
Joseph Conti               1996    Maryland Rush                   Mid
Antonio Mosqueira      1996    Northern Virginia Royals    Mid
Divine Koni                  1996    Northern Virginia Royals    Fwd
James Lee                   1996    Northern Virginia Royals    Mid
Ryan Lam                    1996    NOVA FC                           Mid
Philip Littleton              1996    NOVA FC                           Fwd
Ryan Phelps                1996    Real Maryland F.C.            Mid
Nicholas Parks            1997    Richmond Kickers

1994/95 Girls:
Jenna Gressly           1995    FASA                                      GK
Devon Burke             1995    FASA                                      Mid
Taylor Morton            1994    Maryland Rush                       Mid
Autumn Berry            1994    Northern Virginia Majestics    Def
Thyla Peterson          1995    Northern Virginia Majestics    Def
Maggie Chapman      1995    Northern Virginia Majestics    Mid
Nicole Schweitzer      1995    Northern Virginia Majestics    Mid
Nikanya Clark            1994    Northern Virginia Majestics    Fwd
Meghan Cox              1994    Northern Virginia Majestics    Fwd
Megan O’Keefe          1995    NOVA FC                               Def
Emma Brudzinski       1995    Real Maryland F.C.                Fwd
Alyson Brown             1995    Richmond Kickers                  Def
Allison Bortell             1994    Richmond Kickers                  Mid
Kara Wilson                1994    Washington Freedom            Mid
Alexandra Grossman 1994    Washington Freedom             Def
Alexandra Myers        1995    Washington Freedom             Mid
Marlo Sweatman        1994    Washington Freedom            Fwd
Margaret McCune      1994    Washington Freedom             Mid
Nicole Johnson          1994    Washington Freedom             Mid
Andi Sullivan              1995    Washington Freedom             Mid

1994/95 Boys:
Tim Wondree              1995    FASA                                  GK
Juan Ochoa                1995    FASA                                  Mid
Mitchell Perry              1994    FASA                                  Def
Nicholas Metzler         1994    Northern Virginia Royals    Def
Anthoni Teos               1994    Northern Virginia Royals    Def
Diego Galvin               1995    Northern Virginia Royals    Def
Benjamin Ferrell         1994    Northern Virginia Royals     Mid
Dylan Katz                  1995    NOVA FC                            Mid
Cristian Gusman         1995    NOVA FC                            Mid
Jacob Garcia              1994    Real Maryland F.C.             Mid
Dominic Ventimiglia    1994    Real Maryland F.C.             Def


Recognized but not attending camp this year:

1992/93 Boys:
Tyler Simpao    1993 FASA                                  Def
Jamari David    1993 FASA                                  Mid
Aaron Etienne  1993 Northern Virginia Royals    Mid
Kyle Brophy      1993 Northern Virginia Royals   Fwd
Mikias Eticha    1993 NOVA FC                           Mid
Henry Lopez     1992 Real Maryland F.C.
Ramsey Boley  1992 Real Maryland F.C.

1992/93 Girls:
Alexa Plutt              1993 FASA                                     Mid
Katrina Savoy         1993 Maryland Rush                      Fwd
Catherine Macklin   1993 Northern Virginia Majestics   Fwd
Sydney Morris         1993 Northern Virginia Majestics   Mid
Kailyn Slade            1993 NOVA FC                              Fwd
Katrina Guillou        1993 NOVA FC                               Mid
Jacqueline Dallaire  1993 Washington Freedom           Def
Katie Yensen           1993 Washington Freedom           Mid
Sharon Wojcik         1993 Washington Freedom           Fwd
Caroline Gray          1993 Washington Freedom           Def