Jefferson Cup 2012 Girls Weekend Coverage Central

12:30: Some score updates for you fine people. In U17 ASL, Baltimore Bays Chelsea 94-95 of Maryland holds a 2-0 lead over SAC United I Wolves of Maryland in the second half, while in U16 Superior, PDA Ginga of New Jersey has gotten off to a roaring start in its match with TFA Elite of Ohio, leading 7-1.

12:15: Scores of college coaches are already out at the fields and checking out some of the best talent the country offers.  If you can’t make it to all the fields, be sure to check out the Jefferson Cup Twitter account here for updated scores. And for those who will be taking photos and videos, we at The Soccer Wire would like to inform you all on a nice little contest taking place, thanks to the Jefferson Cup.

Photography & Videography Contest

NEW for the 2012 Jefferson Cup, we are encouraging all participants to participate in a photography and/or videography contest. The rules are very simple – take a picture and/or video and submit it to us for voting. The winners of each contest will each win either an iPod Shuffle or a $50 VISA gift card. Read below for further details if interested. The top five photographs and videos will be identified and posted on the Jefferson Cup webpage. A virtual vote will then be held to determine the winner.

For your photos and videos we are really looking for entries that capture the atmosphere at the Jefferson Cup. Photos and videos with character and personality, not necessarily action shots; although those are welcome also.

Photography: We are looking for pictures that capture the Jefferson Cup experience and atmosphere. The photograph can be a single image or a collage of images.
– Maximum of 5 photographs per entry
– Submit all photographs via email to:
– Include a title and caption for each photo 
– Include contact information including: name, team, phone number, email, and mailing address

Videography: We are looking a 1-3 minute video capturing Jefferson Cup highlights and experiences from the weekend of competition.
– Only 1 video per entry
– Download all Video onto
– Once downloaded, send a link of the video via email to: The Richmond Strikers will then post the video on TheJeffCup’s Channel on
– Include contact information including: Name, Team, phone number, email, and mailing address
– Include a Title and Caption

**By entering this Contest and uploading your Submission, you irrevocably grant the Richmond Strikers the unconditional and perpetual right to post, display, publish, broadcast, use, adapt, excerpt, edit and/or modify such Submission in any way, in any and all media, for promotional or any other purpose, without limitation, and without consideration to you

11:30: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Day 1 of Jefferson Cup. Today should be plenty of fun as games are underway. Which teams will get off to a hot start? Which favorites will fall short of expectations after just the first match? Be sure to check us out for all of the cup’s information!


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