Upvote: SoccerWire.com Best-11 Players for December 2016

*Voting has closed! Check back on Friday, January 20 for the Best 11 Announcement!

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The following players have been recognized in our ‘Players That Impressed’ blog during the month of December, based on nominations from coaches, club directors and Soccer Wire staff. Now it’s your turn to vote on the Best-11 Players.

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Picking the Best-11 players is all up to our readers. Simply read the description of each player’s performance and decide which ones deserve a shot. Each player selected to the Best-11 will receive a free SoccerWire.com Featured Player Profile. To review or research players in more detail, read about every one of them in our Players That Impressed Blog.

Voting for the December 2016 Best 11 will close on Thursday, January 19 and the winners will be announced on Friday, January 20.

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